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Midway Captain Kid Gun Game - Working good and in my game room.  If I sell this I have a few freinds who will be mad

S.A.M.I. - I think it is complete, but the film looks brittle.  I paid $300 but make me an offer for it or parts before it goes to the dump (found new film)

I have some beatup cocktail tables on the back porch $50 for SI,  $100 Missle Cmd (complete, monitor lights).  I Beatup one with color 13" monitor and a 48-in-1 board (I use to test Jamma) $300 (almost finished project)


PINBALL MACHINE UPDATE - None of these have been setup for years. I need to setup and check each one to make sure condition is current.


Pinball Machines for sale – local sale only in South West CT (06614) – cash and carry - or I deliver and cash - REPEAT - FOR NOW THESE MACHINES ARE FOR SALE TO PEOPLE WHO CAN COME BY LOCAL.   I will have to juggle stored machines, pull them out, set them up. 

I do not mean to sound rude, but if you ask me to ship and I say "No, Cash and Carry", then you continue to try and get me to ship rather than get rude in email I may just stop replying.  There are too many payment scams and I would rather the person leave with a game after they have seen it in person so there are no questions.
TAKE A LOOK.  Some of these machines I need to get out and if you are close I will get them ready and even bring them to you.
  I am interested in room, not trades. 

Star Ship Troopers - very good condition

Tales From The Crypt  – Pretty good condition. One side of the head is abeat up and a cliffy installed for hole wear.

Bally Star Trek - fair, center insert playfield wear

Royal Flush (EM 1976) - (bit beat up, small backglass flaking)

Royal Flush Deluxe – 

Descriptions of the games conditions and whatever:

Starship Troopers:  Look great, plays great.  No known problems.

Tales From The Crypt: Cabinet is banged up but overall very nice. A Cliffy protector cover some crypt hole wear. 

Bally Star Trek: Fair condition but works.  Up the center of the playfield it has the classic insert wear.  Backglass is great, no acid damage, battery removed and 5101 chip replaced with the Tom Callahan chip.  It might be a bit over priced but I over paid a while ago and don’t want to lose too much or would rather just keep it.

Royal Flush (EM 1976):  Last time I saw it the backglass was starting to flake in the purple area around the Player 1-2-3-4 area and I do not remember if this ever got sealed.  Average playfield wear and crazing (sp?) for a 30+ year old game.  Back door to the head is missing.  And I think part of the plastic credit wheel was cracked.  I have not pulled this out for many years so a serious buyer can come over, we can pull it out and look it over. 

Royal Flush Deluxe – I am sure it has some playfield wear (Of course you can get new PF and targets and things still for Steve Young’s Pinball Resource.  Great game based on the classic EM listed above.

Fireball Classic – Playfield and insert wear but plays great. No acid damage, battery removed and 5101 chip replaced with the Tom Callahan chip.   I can throw in a better playfield.