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The RGP Pinball League is composed of pinball enthusiasts who met on the Rec.Games.Pinball newsgroup.  There are no fees, dues or any formal club membership associated with being a member.  The rules are simple but developing as we go along by simple trial and error, discussion, agreement and voting.  Every week a table is picked, a timeframe is set and the scores are submitted.  Yes, this is all on the honor system.  During the competition timeframe you play one game, 3 ball, settings as default as possible.  You can play as many warm-up games as you want but at some point you must declare to yourself (or others if possible) that “this is the game for the scoreboard”.  You play the game and you submit the score no matter how good or bad.  

It is too soon to determine exactly where this is going and how it will be run.  But 15 participants on the first week and 21 the second is a good start.  We seem to have enthusiasm from other people who may not have gotten in on the first week due to table availability or not knowing.  Hopefully this grows and as it does we iron out a few of the wrinkles.

Lloyd "LTG" - Those of you in the Twin Cities have no excuse not to be playing.  Lloyd's selection is second to none at SS Billiards (http://www.ssbilliards.com/)

PinZach - SM, IJ, MM, LOTR, JP, Fathom, Flash Gordon, Paragon, Godzilla, TOTAN, JM, Congo, FGY, Elvis, TSPP, BK, JY, JD

David "Taxman" Tkacs (aka Pinball Dave) - Location : SW CT, Pins : LOTR, MM, MB, SS, IJ, TAF, POTC, TZ, T2, SS, CFTBL, ToM, WH2O, EATPM, RCT, Monopoly, R&B, SST, TFTC, JD, ...

Ron TBK=The Biggest Kid (aka Route-rat extrordinaire).  -Ron bought a Space Mission EM 05/08 and has several route machines available within 30mins. That doesn't stop him from driving further though! He plays in the OC Pinball League (www.ocpinball.com/league) and was winner of the California Extreme Casual Division 2008

Nafster in SW FL - MM, CC, CV, LOTR

goatdan - TSPP, Striker Xtreme and maybe JD,DM,JP,VND,3 Coins

Larry "Eso66" - SW CT - WCS, T2, Shadow, JD, FT, Whirlwind

Mark "John Bigbooty" - TSPP, LOTR, TZ, AFM, POTC, WPT, FGY

Alphajerk - TS, BSD, GnR, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 

azpinlawyer - SC, Shadow, Congo, STTNG, Spidey, WoF, CV, WH2O

TZodd / GravitaR - (home) TZ, FP, Space Station, Fast Draw (Route) TAF,Rocky/Bullwinkle,FT,DM,Nascar

Todd"TG" - TAF, MB, MM, AFM, TZ, SM, FGY

Gregg in Baltimore  - (home) POTC,BSD,SStiff,LOTR,WH2O,TAF,RFM (Near) Shrek,Grand Prix,Cleopatra,AFM,D&D,Hi Speed,WCS,Jack Bot,Skateball,Night Rider,No Fear

QBert247 - BSD,RFM,BOP,SWE1,TAF,TZ,J*B,T2,Xenon,Mousin' Around

warp9pinball - WOF, Shrek, LOTR, RBION, STTNG, TAF, maybe POTC,SM

TBone - WH20, WW, SM, SC, SHADOW, Johnny Mnemonic, Getaway, Cyclone, MM, LOTR

Troy - TAF, ST:TNG

Kevin - FH,TOM,WCS94,WPT,NASCAR, POTC, FGY, Soprano's



Dr. Dave - Paragon, Fathom

acarpen - TSPP, AFM, TZ, WOF, POTC, SM

Don Horton - TZ, MB, AFM, CFTBL, ToTAN, SS, SW, T2, KISS, TSPP

Dan Garrett - I am in the chicago pinball league with Keith, Zach, Josh, Lyman, etc. I have 9 pins and emailed Zach to join the rgpl. I also have a Defender video which I rehabbed and it works, and have a mame loaded with videos, pinmame, pacman and some daphne dvd games plus jukebox in one cabinet!

Send me your info to get listed.