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Each league weekend you choose one machine from the list of tournament qualified games listed on the league page.  Next to the game listings you will also find the current median and high scores you will be competing against.  You must first choose your machine and then play one game on it for your weekly tournament score.  The theory here is that you get one chance, just like if you were in a tournament in person.  Settings for your game should be 3 ball and factory settings – with no extra balls awarded for scoring thresholds.  Each weekend = One Game.

After you achieve your score, post it on the appropriate thread on RGP.

Special Two Game Play is going on now

Now you play two games instead of one on qualified machines (two games on the same machine or one game on two different machines) and you get to use your better score for your league points that weekend.  The two games should be played consecutively.

Your tournament points are awarded by comparing your score to the median for the machine you chose to play that week and are awarded as follows…

1 point for less than 25% of median
2 points for > 25% and less than 50%
3 points for > 50% and less than 75%
4 points for > 75% and less than 100%
5 points for > 100% and less than 150%
6 points for > 150% and less than 200%
7 points for > 200% and less than 250%
8 points for > 250% and less than 300%
10 points for > 300% and less than 500%
11 points for > 500%

As a bonus, you will get 1 extra point if you beat the previous high score on that machine.  You only have to beat the high score that was established entering the weekend, so if someone else beats the high score AND your score, you still get the extra one point.  Thus, more than one person can beat the previous high score and get the bonus point on a machine any given week.

Adding Machines to the Qualified Tournament List of Playable Games

Absolutely separate from the weekly tournament where you play your one game, we are also adding machines to the list of available games to play.  In order for a machine to get qualified, five different RGPers have to play it and submit a score.  The way you do this is to pick any machine you want and play One Game in similar fashion to a league game.  After you get your score, post it on the appropriate RGP thread or email it to me.  Each RGPer can submit scores on as many machines as they’d like, but only one score from each machine.  Once five scores are submitted from different players, the machine will then be qualified to be part of the weekend tournament games and anyone can play them as their tournament machine.  By the way, there is no need to submit additional scores on machines already qualified for league play.

You can submit these “machine qualifying” scores at any time during the week or weekend, but they have nothing to do with that weekend’s tournament game.

One more time

To reiterate, you pick one machine from the qualified list to play for your tournament game each week.  Other games that are on non-tournament machines go toward the five games required to qualify that machine for future tournament play, but those games have nothing to do with league rankings.

See front page or PinZach for new rules.  We are now playing against the median and high of previously played tables.  As long as 5 or more different people submit scores for a table it will be available the next week.  Please try and play a different table each week.  This loosining of the rules is for inclusion of people who do not have tables.  Not to cherry pick what game will gain the most points.  Although that will happen for those with many tables available, we would like to limit this by saying please pick a different table each time.  Only repeat if you must. 

The games available are posted in advance so everyone has a chance to try and find a table to play.  Competition for the week runs from 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday.  You play "one" game for submitting a score on the table of that week and post your results by midnight on that last day.

The tables setting should be a 3 ball game with difficulties and options as close to default if possible.  You can play any extra balls earned through regular play but not balls from score thresholds.

If you warm up that is fine, but you have to know in your head those scores don't count.  At some point you say to yourself "This is the one", you play that game, you post your score no matter how good or bad.  A thread is started on RGP each Friday night for posting your score so everyone can watch what others do.  And yes, some people have those drain ball games as their "one" and they submit them with a laugh.  It is all for fun.