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This is a fast game.  Not a very deep ruleset and not a lot to remember.  But it does take advantage of the few things it does have.  The main goals are either payback time or the multiball with associated jackpots.  A couple of nice ramps and a cool cannon but the voice of Arnold stands out the most.

Below is a quick summary of the gameplay goals.  I would not own this game in a small collection due to the relitive simplicity.  But in a collection of 5 or more pins this is a welcome change compared to deep rules and near impossible missions.

Payback time is reached by shooting alternate ramps enough times to reach the CPU.  Then you have about 20 seconds to shoot ramp shots and collect payback jackpots.  The multiballs are triggered with a new ball cannon.  After locking a ball and shooting the correct target you are given 3 balls to lock, at least one in the gun and there are two other lock spots.  The jackpots are multiplies by the number of balls you managed to lock 1x, 2x or 3x.  There is more, but that is the basics of the game.