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Also known as TOTAN.  A creation of John Popadiuk for Williams in 1996 .  This is a classic game.  Great art work, sound, DMD animation and just fun to play.  It is hard to believe there is only on ramp in this game since it twists, turns, drops and diverts so much the ball can end up in 5 or 6 different places.  # magnets performing function like grabbing the ball, diverting the ball or even sucking it into the playfield.  One of the coolest out-lane ball savers ever as steel spikes shoot out of the playfield to grab the ball in a cage. 

The object of the games is simple. Collect the 7 jewels for a chance to battle the evil Genie and rescue the princess.  You can play the 7 different modes or skip some by spinning the magic lamp and earning wishes.

Pros: This is a great games for all of the reasons stated above.  I would put this in the top 10 games ever made.  A Williams classic.
Cons: If I had to say anything bad about the games I would say it suffers from having too much to get use to for a casual player and yet when you get use to the game too simple depth-wise for the experienced player.