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Thanks to the wonderful documentation Cliffy provided on his website http://www.passionforpinball.com/AFM-thin/afm_thin.htm I built up my worn Stroke Of Luck hole and installed his protector.  Here is how it came out for me.

Looks horrible, but it is reall quite common.  And this is easily covered by the protector.  But before installing I ollowed his directions and built the wood up so the metal does not get hammered into the divots.

I used masking tape to cover the good sections to minimize getting the wood filling epoxy to the area needed.  This will also reduce scratching the playfield while sanding.

I put the Cliffy on and drew an outline to make sure it covered.  But the Cliffy is not even on all the way.  Lots of room to spare but the false outline makes it look close.

I cut cardboard from a light-bulb box to make a form.  This way I could push the filler in get the basic shape and minimize sanding.

I used the Quick Wood Cliffy showed on his site.  I think it was $3.50 and Home Depot and enough to do the job 100 times over.  Even a pinch left enough extra to make a pretzle as discussed on RGP.

With the cardboard removed I was happy with the shape.  Now let it sit for an hour or two before sanding.

Sanded and the masking tape removed.  Notice the color change when dry.

Install the protector and return to battle.

One more plug for Cliffy - http://www.passionforpinball.com I should do a whole page showing his protectors on my games.  I think I have them on TAF, LOTR, JY, EATPM, SS, TZ, TFTC, CFTBL, IJ, AFM and probably more.