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For Sale

This game is for sale local cash and carry.  Price will be based on current market value (maybe $5K). If you are not local to South West Connecticut please stop reading and don't email me with offers or questions. I don't mean to be rude but I am not wasting the little time I have these days with tire kickers, picture collectors, guys who can't get permission from the wife, scammers, spammers or dreamers.

This game is Home Use Only (HUO) but I am not pushing that fact. Why?  It was bought for a home game room, played and not treated like a collectors piece.   But since a Routed machine is good condition gets this kind of money, this is a great game at a great price. I will point out the few flaws I have found.

This is for sale to local people cash and carry.  No warrenty implied so I preffer a pinball person buys it and does not expect me to be available for questions about the game, play, repair work, modification . . . I don't have a lot of time so I will not ship and I am trying to avoid appointments. I do not want to waste an afternoon waiting for someone to show up. If you email me include you location. If you do not I will not reply. If you are distant I will not reply.  I would rather be silent that rude.

I setup the machine in the driveway, confirmed it worked fine. Took these pictures and wrapped it up. I need to decide if I am going to sell or keep this one and sell the one I have in my game room.  This one is better but but my other one has installed protectors, color changing palentir, button guard side rails and a nice color theme with bulbs.

Flaw 1 - inside the right wall the black paint had some scraped from the playfield being lifted. I have not lifted it so I do not know if it scrapes every time.

Flaw 2 - The black paint on the left back edge of the cabinet looks like when it was in moving position (on end) it was spun on a hard surface. This is only the black paint.

Flaw 3 - There is no flaw 3.  But the game is a bit dirty.  The playfield could use a quick Novus 2 wipe and the ramps cleaned. Ring ramp and Sword Entrance. 

Also the batteries look original and should be replaced.  Now that they are 4 or 5 years old we don't want them leaking.  So I need to open this up soon and change them. That would be the time to check it out. So if you are local and serious contact me.

This game also has the metal tent to prevent ball from coming off the switch and lock section of the sword ramp. I do not even have this on my game.

Mine has finger wear around the button that I covered with the newer side rails.  This one is not bad at all but should be cleaned and protected.

See the right edge paint worn.

Arwen plastic, not trees.

Ramp needs cleaning

See scuffs on side wall from playfield lift. Ball guide (nice)

This game was in the living room of a very nice house. No dampness or smoke.

I do not know what goodie bags came with this game. There were no sling shots but this still stapled bad has ring stickes and what looks like a key fob.

No coins used here

Ready for shipping as far as the end of my driveway.