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July 4th 2012. I picked up a Rollergames that seems to have been stored for many years. It has a Diamond Plate playfield so it held up pretty good. Some broken plastics and most of the ball popper assembly is missing but pretty solid overall. The guy I got it from noticed the batteries were leaking so he removed the holder and said nothing hit the board. Looks good. Boots to "adjustment error", expected when batteries removed from sys-11.  When I set it for Free Play it says pinball missing. A lot of hard to reach flashers and bulbs out. So this should be up and running in no time.

I found this plastic in the bottom of the cabinet and I am hoping John Wart Jr. can indenify the location for me. (update, John knew)

Here is what I used when shoping it out. A poor man's playfield holder. 2 bolts and some scrap wood.

Here is the System-11 Playfield pulled and ready to clean.

Just place the back end on the two bolts and let the fron lay on the holder.

You can lift the playfield to work underneath. The little stabalizing tail off the back stops it from flipping.

Another view at how easy to work in it now.

Finished product: A system-11 cleaned in all of those hard to reach places.