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25 cents for 20 shots and extended play for good score. I have had up to 30 shots so far. Parrots and Ships on the big wheel worth 30 points, Pirate and Flags worth 50. The game start with regular lighting. The parrots and ships going by counter clock-wise. The pirate going back and forth. When you shoot a coil in the gun gives you a rifle recoil feeling. Hitting the target give a classic bell "ding" and the target drops back. After a few shots (maybe 10) the front lights go out making the black-light visible. The parrot/ship wheel continues but the pirate stops and the flags start. The flag goes up on one side and when it hits the top (without being shot) it drops quickly down and starts up the other side. If you shoot the flag (ding) it instanly drops down and starts back up the same side. The previous owner used contact cleaned so I had to do a lot of cleaning. The pirate did not work and ended up being bad gaps in a relay. One flag did not work from someone else trying to "fix" it with electrical tape. Everything is 100% now.  (4/30/2008 update, there is one on ebay in my area up to $710 and the side art is painted over)