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Dave "ShrekMan:" Halloween 2009.  Well, in RGPL they kept calling me Shrek and I had fun going along with the joke.  I figured I had to try in out and I am suprised on just how much it fits me. 

Old picture but you get the idea

Jukebox and Sea Raider in the kitchen

When you own this many machines you spend a lot of time doing repair work.  They shoot horses don't they?

My mother's senior center needed games and I needed room.  At least someone is using them.

The garage about a year ago.  Sazuka 8 Hours in from, another Sea Raider in back along with a crane game, Coney Island gun (gone now)and the head from a Future Spa pinball machine.

Where's Waldo?  Another Battlezone, Omega Race, Sky Gunner (in Colorado now), Huanted House, Space Invaders and who knows what else.

My dog Molly.  She never complains when I bring a new game in the house.