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Welcome, see what a hobby out of control has done to my house. These games are generally not for sale, but I doubt any unreasonably high offer would be refused.  I am in South West Connecticut and don't keep up with the guest book.  To contact me look for me as Dave "Taxman" on Pinside and in the Rec.Games.Pinball newsgroup.  Or email me here

Here you will find pictures of my house.  The games I have.  Some of the games that are gone, but not forgotten.  I am sure there are some I have forgotten, but you won't find them here.  Because I forgot them.  Oh, it sounded better in my head so just forget it.

The little woman got me a welcome mat for the game room.

I am the guy who colored Popeye for ColorDMD

Scared Stiff pinball machine to go with Elvira and the Party Monsters.  Elvira gets her own corner in my game room.

Special thanks to Joe "JC Arcade" for his contributions to this OutRun mini.  Not only does it look sweet because of him, but the force-feedback would not even be working without parts and pictures from a great guy I have never even met. 

(old pic)Games on the right are: Battlezone Space Duel Centipede / Millipede Tempest, Star Castle, Super Sprint, Gauntlet II and OutRun

A better view of the pins:

Old pic


This is an old picture